A change in life, a change in style?

I have always been inspired by eighties fashion and music ( ha I’m writing this as i’m listening to the Carrie Diaries soundtrack, all 80s of course) but i never dressed like it, i always wore “grungy” styles and had dark long hair and panda eyes, but never listened to the music, it was always Kim Wilde and Dead or alive for me.

Now, it wasnt until about september 2016 that i got any guts to even go out in patterned doc martens,  now i wear bright pink dungarees and neon yellow rain jackets with bright pink contour so sharp it can cut you. I don’t really know what happened, and I’m still not very deep into the eighties fashion just yet, i am just at the surface of this style, but let me tell you i am so excited to go through this journey, so i thought to myself, why not document the stupid and crazy outfits i wear, seen as no one will really read this anyway.

It takes a lot of guts to dress different, especially if you live in a little town where people are so close minded (like me) but i think it would be sick if i could share my fashion ups and downs with you all, what do you think of this idea? or am i just a wannabe? who knows.

Whats your style?



FotoJet Design1



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