Slam dunk this year was the BUSINESS. I was a bit worried, as it was my first real festival and i got the jitters as you , worrying  if we would get there and back okay like a baby (im scared of trains shhhh).

we got there a-okay, the train was packed and WOW, so much inspiration happened throughout the day, the style, the colours, the fanny packs (which make so much sense, because then you don’t need a bag, I thought this was such a good idea so i brought one the weekend after). We got straight in arena, no problem and had a look around, and i thought i wouldn’t enjoy myself as to be honest, i only really knew one band that was going this year so i thought this day would suck, but it was brilliant, we watched zebra head, less than jake, Beartooth and more.

Fun story about the beartooth concert, me and my sister were standing there, waiting for the band to start, chatting to some people having a good time, and the music starts and i had no idea what i was doing, so as soon as the beat dropped and the mosh pits started i panicked. Blood rushed to my head, my palms turned sweaty and my heart rate was pushed to the limit, i had to get out of there, so as i was pushing out and one guy, a knight in shining sweatshirt, grabbed me and pushed the crowds out of the way to help me through, he saved my ass majorly and helped me get out of the circle pit. And im gutted i never got a look at his face so i could thank him, but thank you sweatshirt dude, you saved my ass, for real.

ANYWAY BACK TO THE DAY.  We went to eat at a food stall called Alice-May’s (fun fact, my name is Alice-Mae) and we eat the burger called the Alice, so my sister got a picture of Alice, eating a Alice burger from Alice, pretty sick.

I also finally got to see one of my favourite bands again in concert, Bowling for Soup, this punk rock band, saved my life and although we had to leave half way through to catch the last train home, it was completely worth it.

All in all, a quality night, watched some sick bands, eat some wicked food, grabbed some wicked merch and met the real MVP sweatshirt dude.

Did you go slam dunk?




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