A review: Of Hell

I’m sitting here; very conveniently wearing a thrifted school dress I’ve gone and cut up, to discuss a pained experience of my two tedious years of college.  Now don’t get me wrong, having a level 3 diploma under my belt is great, I would have it no other way, now I can work in pharmacies and do practices that I’m now qualified for, but was it worth it?

I suppose I think this way because I am one of those people who hate education, I can never get my head around it and I am always thinking I could be doing something better with my time. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of my mentality or the fact I picked a science course I was not interested in, but I disliked every moment of it.

The first year we went through seven teachers, that in any education system, is ridiculous, they left for better jobs, babies and because one of them just hate us as a class. So that put college off to a good start, but overall it wasn’t too bad, I made a friend, true it was only one friend but she was enough for me, we hung out all the time, helping each other with work and watched Scooby doo while drinking wine like utter grown-ups.

The work itself was hard, I never thought it would be this mentally stressing, you had to get everything right first time and perfect, otherwise you would fail posters, brochures, experiments, calculations. The calculations alone made me want to cry, just looking at them. There were cool moments though, like blowing up pigs’ lungs, dissecting hearts and random trips to science museums.

The second year however got a lot more fierce, the work was piled onto us, teachers pushing all the work, stressing we wouldn’t finish in time, simulated crime scenes and fake blood analysis, long write ups on things we didn’t understand because no one would teach us anything, assignments upon assignments of work all googled and made up because we didn’t understand. However all the work was paid off, I suppose as I’m sitting here now, writing this, drinking peach tea, waiting for all the work to be signed off so I can finally be free from education (for now until I start doing online courses)

So a recap for the complete two years is, I started and went through my first real break up, shaved my hair off, passed all my assignments and exams, grew a fashion sense, googled the life out of me, had pink hair, shaved it off again and passed the year again, gaining a full level 3 extended diploma in Forensic science. Overall pretty sick but I can wait to leave.





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