Lets talk about Piercings.

I have been getting pierced for years now (my first trip being to the oh so fashionable claire’s). So I thought i would have a chat about the piercings i have and others that i would love to get.

Now, my first piercing was nothing special, it’s the ones that almost everyone has had, male or female, and that’s the lobes. I can’t tell you the pain rating as I have no idea, it was such a long time ago. Next were my second lobe piercings, these made me feel ultra cool as you could wear chunky earrings in the first pair and then small jewels in the second, making it very girly, yet still alternative. I also got a third lobe piercing, on one side, my left side and used this one to wear dangly earrings, as it made me feel like a pirate, and pirates are cool.

But as you do, I got bored with just lobe piercings and needed more. so i went and got my cartilage pierced and then i did it again and then again. jump to a year later where i got ride of my second and third lobes and two of my cartilage. I decided to go for a more edgy piercing called the industrial, this one hurt like a bitch i can tell you that one for sure, now i didn’t keep this one for long, it never healed properly and it was just better for me if i took it out. I also got a tragic piercing, the best piercing ive ever had, it healed so easy and i love the look of it so much. I now also have my conch and my rook pierced, both were a pain in the arse too, but now healed they look so good. I almost forgot to mention, i have had my ears stretched to 10mm, which was a doozy as i did not stretch right at all, so i took those out too, mostly because of work and now have cats bum holes for ears.

Next is my nose, ive pierced this multiple times, as I  had my septum pierced, but that one also did last long as it was pierced wonky and i hated it. I also have my nostril pierced, i did have the other one as well, but that was also wonky so i took it out.

I have also got a done at home piercing and it is one of my favourite ones, it is just a cartilage piercing but it makes snake bites, as it is below one of my others.

Next are the piercings I would love to get.

I would LOVE my conches punched, I think the holes look so cool with jewellery in and out of them, i have always wanted these since i started watch QCKND as she has them and they look sick as fuck. I also do want my septum back as i did like the idea of it, but this time i think i would stretch it this time and stack septum clickers in it as this is a cool look.  The philtrum piercing is also one i have always wanted to get, im just too much of a baby, as the lip is really fleshy and im too scared. The bridge piercing has always caught my attention, i love the look of it and that it brings the attention to your eyes, i just wear glasses and they do more of a justice on my face i think.

Do you have any piercings?




All of these are my own piercings or past piercings.




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