Top pinterest faves?

I don’t know how, or why i thought of this idea, but i thought it would be cool to show you what is all up with my pinterest. Now, there maybe some artsy photos here, but they are mostly clothes and styles that i like and thought i would share, yes some of them are  creepy as fuck (the cabbage patch kids mainly) but it chill.

pinterest 1

My pinterest user name is moth boy (self promo) and my one and only pin board is called spooky boyy (based on my insta name). The photo of the ginger hair is really just hair envy, as i have not much hair at all, because of an impulse buzz cut, meaning i have to stare at other people’s and pretend its mine. Next are dead fly earrings, i found these on pinterest and then actually went straight to etsy and brought them. They are laser cut acrylic and they look really cool in my ears and cover the large holes in my lobes from stretching. There are also these iron fist care bear heels, these are based off of the care bear share bear and look super cute with fluffy socks or fish nets, i actually also own these as well, but cannot wear them as i fall ass over tit every damn time!

There is also this photo that is taken from a scene in the film beetle juice, it is Delia Deetz and i just had to throw this in there because the shirt she is wearing is amazing, i could not find any other photo of it than this one and it just inspires me so much with block colours and inspires me to really play with basic colours like black and white. Next is a cabbage patch kid umbrella, not much to say except its sick as fuck and i wish it was mine. Finally for this collage is the rugrats long tee. This is from urban outfitters and it is so cool, i wearing it right now as i write this actually, it’s so comfy and can be totally worn with anything, im hoping to feature it in a look book later in the month.

Now onto the next!

pinterest 2

I’m sure you can tell from this pinterest board, but i am obsessed with raincoats, they are so cute and so this pinterest board includes a delicate pink raincoat, which i love dearly and the day after i added this raincoat to my board i brought a bright ink one at new look, which is even better than this one, result! The other raincoat featured is a holographic one, i love this print and i think that it would go with any outfit worn, smart or casual, so sick i cry that i don’t have one. Next is a cabbage patch kid back pack (apparently i have a thing for these creepy dolls) and i need one of these so bad, the pale pink colour, the bright blonde hair, her cute little face, love it omg. I have also popped a fanny pack in here, i love fanny packs and i think they are a great idea, especially at festivals or the seaside.

I am in love with these transparent backpacks, although i have no idea to style them and am too afraid to put anything valuable in them just in case but i love them any how, i know that primark has them in right now and am thinking of grabbing one because even if i don’t use it, it still looks cute. Next is a cute retro watch, filled with block colours, that will go with anything and everything. The final piece for my fave pinterest saves is this vote for Pedro shirt, from Napoleon dynamite, which is a sick ass film and you must defiantly vote for pedro.

Do you have a pinterest? if so comment your username and ill give you a follow!



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