OOTD: hostile rugrat takeover

So i thought i would do my first ever post of really showing what i look like (i have issues okay).

So this look was totally inspired by the nineties/ eighties and to be honest i was watching hey arnold and it gave me some serious inspiration, baggy tees, loose pants and straight up looks.

So here it is.

blog one.jpgSo the look, as described: The tee is the rugrats long sleeve tee from Urban Outfitters (mentioned in my previous post) and i am a little gutted it doesnt have phil or lil on it but what can you do? i still love it, its in an XL because i was a bit worried about buying online and plus i like things to be baggy so it works well for me.

The dungarees are thrifted found at my local Mind charity shop for £10, they are the brand osh Kosh, an American brand and they apparently do not exist on the internet, but there are other Osh Kosh overalls that are also vintage and are up to $100 plus shipping. I mainly got them because they were bright pink and i had never really seen anything like it, they are a size 14 (surprised i can fit in these actually).

The next piece of this outfit are the shoes, they are holographic creepers that i literally got for £14 on Amazon, they are so beautiful and give me so much life, i just look at them and feel happier, thats how much i like holographic stuff guys.

I also wore a new bag for this OOTD, im going to do a full review of it next but it is infact actual merchandise from The Simpsons, it is the krusty the Clown plush bag, it is so cool, very creepy looking but that is what im all about here, i found it on Ebay and just had to have it.


My make up look for this was also quite funky, i had neon yellow up to my eyebrow bone, purple underneath and put on as a reverse eyeliner flick and then had black and bright yellow eyeliner on top, pair this with mascara and a fuck tone of highlighter and i was  set for the day ahead, a day of chilling and watching Scooby Doo that is.

I quite enjoyed doing this, would you like to see more of this kind of thing?





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