A review: Ma boy Krusty

So i decided to go ahead and buy something that has been really catching my eye, i did finally find it on Ebay just a few days ago and just had to snatch it up.

It is of course a Krusty the Clown plush back pack, this thing is a monster! seriously it is huge, his hair sticks out way past my shoulders, the bag itself is so big it can be used as a pillow as well as a bag. I did snatch this baby up for £18.99 on Ebay, slightly used and in very good condition and boy never has a description of an item been so right.

This bag is in amazing condition, no rips, cuts, sewn ups or holes. This is the first Simpsons bag i have ever really found and it was so worth it. Fun fact, i actually found this exact back pack in a charity shop around four years ago and wanted it but never got it and to be fair it has been haunting my thirfting dreams ever since and although i paid a lot more than the £3.00 i originally saw it for, this one is in way better condition and just a steal.

His mouth is set out as if he is doing his well-known laugh, his teeth are out, a big red nose and huge ass eyes. The inside is quite small, enough space for your phone, purse maybe a book, but most of it is taken up with stuffing for his face, he also has detachable straps, which are great and very convenient because that means you can change the size and change it to a holding bag and not a back pack.I feel he will be a statement piece in any wardrobe and can defiantly add something to any outfit. He is a great addition to my life, even if i have to hide him at night so my sister doesnt shit herself when she wakes up.


Krusty review


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