My true love is Dr. Martens

When i was younger i always wanted a pair of Dr.Martens,  and the summer of 2015 was when i got my first real pair, a purple flower pair to replace my mutilated converse. since then i have collected so many pairs, so i though i would share them with you. Some are second-hand, but most are from the Doc shop in Wollaston (close to where i live), which was actually the original doc shop factory in the 1970s!

1-  The ones that started it all

this one

this beauties are a 1460 eight eyelet pair with the usual rubber sole, brought at a size 8 (my size obvs) and are comfortable as hell, i did not have to break them in at all, there is a little wear and tear on the design, but nothing that doesn’t make the boots look even cooler, these babies have gone through some rough stuff the past two years, so a little wear is nothing to moan about.

2- Oversized flowers

this one 2.JPG

These were the next ones i got, also 1460, after that it gets a little fuzzy, anyway, these i did get a size larger, to be honest just because they didn’t have them in a size 8 and i just loved them too much to let them go. They also cause no pain to the foot or heel, needed no breaking in and are lovely to wear, i wear these mainly when i feel like making a casual outfit a little dresser because they just add a little feminine touch to the outfit, but still keep it cool and casual.

3- Goth Night delux

this one 6

These are an Oxford style shoe by Dr.Martens, they have a very intense pattern, that really makes your outfit pop and stand out, i love these so much, defiantly the vocal point of an outfit. I don’t wear these too often because they really do hurt my feet after a while, but they are lovely to look at and every time i see them, i wish i lived closer to cooler clubs to wear these to and stamp on the fuckboys feet.

4- Basic but beautiful

this one 8.JPG

These are the ones that almost every girl who posts art or is creative has. But i love them, for me i did kind of get them for work but also to let my clothes do the talking, instead of my shoes. They still did the talking for my outfit anyway, a deep black colour with the bright yellow stitching does catch attention and it just makes the clothes stand out that little more, plus these were only £25, a serious steal for style.

5- Velvet underproud

this one 11.JPG

These possibly one of my favourite pairs, ive always wanted a velvet pair of boots, and for hem to be cherry red velvet boots, well now my life is made. These do have a slight problem of rubbing on my legs and causing harsh marks on my legs that hurt really bad, but all i do is wear so chunky socks and bunch them at the top and BAM! they are great, these were also brought in a size 9.

6- Sandals with a twist

this one 5

These are my first ever non boot/Oxford from the Doc shop and they are so comfy, i love the block colour combo, they also cover up my toes which i love (i hate feet, can’t help it). I haven’t worn these much i haven’t really got any outfits that go with this style and colour of shoe, but i am working on it.

7- ahoy

this one 7.JPG

These are a killer pair of shoes, but in fact were not my own originally, they were my sisters, but she just couldn’t fit in them comfortably, so she gave them to me and they are a little small, so i took the laces out of them and now they are super cool, i still can’t wear them for long periods of time because they are a bit of a pain and can seriously cause one hell of a blister. Paired with cute frilly socks they add cuteness to a wicked pair of non-gender pirate rockers!

8- buckle and pins

this one 10.JPG

These i did get second-hand for £18.99, and what a steal. They are a cute kind of mary jane style, but not at the same time. They are a little tight as they are a size 7 but i just could not pass them up, they make your look girly yet punk at the same time and just add a little something if you’re wearing a plain dress or a pair of wide legged trousers, paired with frilly socks, maybe even of a red or blue colour and there is an instant look.

9- Gary Baseman Beauty

this one 3

These are one of my most recent pairs i have got and they ae bright bloody yellow (leopardprintelephant would be proud). They also have cute but still very creepy cartoons drawn up by the cartoonist/ artist Gary Baseman. These hurt like a bitch! they  are all right heel and sole wise, but the base that cuffs round my leg is too tight and rubs on my skin, causing bright red harsh marks! I still love the so and so i just wear them with thick socks and bunch them up at the top so they don’t rub.

10- steel toe cap miracles

this one 9.JPG

These are not real steel toe caps. But they look sick as hell. They are a brown, sort of oil stain colour with a thick ass sole. These do give a little burn when you wear them for over three hours, but are so worth the look they give, i do wear these on days were i am not wearing a particular girly outfit or just when i feel like adding something simpler yet still extra to my look.

11-  Vintage Workman’s boots

this one 4

These i also got for second-hand at the Mind charity shop (hat helps people with mental disabilities) for £8 and it was such a steal, i do feel that these did belong to someone who worked in a warehouse or mill farm in, or even someone who wore them to school. They are quite distressed and are vintage as they are made in England! i love them to pieces and they are probably the ones i wear the most, they go with anything, jeans, dresses, shorts, the lot!

So there we go that’s all of them (so far). Do you have any Dr. Martens?



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