A monthly review: JUNE

So i thought i would do a post about june, sort of favourites but also a chat about what ive done this month, because why not eh?

So things that happened this month. I finally finished college, friday the 23rd of June. Bit of a whirlwind, bit of a tear fest and it still hasn’t really hit me yet that ive finished education completely now. (i do have a review about my college experience, check it out)

I also, fun fact started this blog at the beginning of june, which is quite exciting, yet funny as i do feel that its been longer than that, in a good way. This blog has done so much for my confidence and now i am kinda proud that i can sort of create (not really), plus i do love talking about topics i enjoy, fashion, music, films, emotions, yanno the full works.

During june, some of my favourite instagram accounts started following me on my personal, which is super inspiring and im just so happy they actually recognised my account and followed back. I also started an account for the blog as well, which is pretty sick too.

I started travelling too, just small places for now, like i did venture off and go to a place a few towns over and even got my second nostril pierced, the cool guy even gave me some extra jewellery for my other nose piercing so they match, he is a proper chill guy, if any of you guys are local i really do recommend base shade tattoo, for sure.

I think that’s it for experiences. Now on to favourites.

  • Soundtracks

I have been really enjoying film soundtracks at the moment, i don’t really know why, but they have just been taking my fancy. The ones i have been listening to are scott Pilgrim V.S. the World, Juno, Chicago and ghost world. They are just so different from each other and i have just ben switching between them.

  • Films

Ghost world has been a favourite for sure this month, i love the colours, the angst and Enid’s room gives me so much inspiration for my own. Next is the man with two brains, which is a sick as hell Steve Martin film, i love this so much it’s so stupid but funny and cute all at the same time, it’s too much for my heart to take.

  • Fashion

Fashion favourites, i would deffo include the rugrats tee from urban outfitters, so cosy and soft, i would wear it a lot more if it was boiling hot outside i mean ho damn. Another fashion fave being a dress i had thrifted, this was once a school dress, but i got it for £6.99 and it was just too small on the sleeves, so i cut them off, this dress paired with some boots and a cardigan is an instant punk but still soft look.

  • Random

This is very random, but my nails? ive been growing them out and have finally shaped them to a point, they make me feel so feminine and good about my hands (if you don’t know i work in food, so it’s very hard not to have short cut nails out of convenance). I do plan on painting them into hearts, its gonna be sick. Another favourite is a record from the film St. Elmo’s fire, the song man in motion is one hell of a good song.

That is it for the month of june, i got pierced, left education and my shaved head has grown to look like a hedgehog. How was your June?


june faves


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