▼ My Tattoos ▽

So I just thought I would do a little post about the few tattoos i have, just because.

So my first tattoo was actually a friday the 13th tattoo, it is a broken wishbone, that says make a wish, I do think it is very cute and is the only one i have so far in colour, it is quite a large tattoo for a friday the 13th tattoo to be honest, it lives just on the inside of my right leg near my ankle. I love the placement because when i wear boots or trainers and rolled up jeans the tattoo peaks out and is super cute. This one hurt like hell, im not sure if it was because it was my first tattoo, or the fact it was my ankle, as i have heard that is quite a gnarly place to get tattooed


The next tattoo I got was a massive moth that is just above my knee on my right leg, this one is all in black and has a bit of dot work, lining and everything mixed in, i do really love this one, it looks mega cute when i wear shorts or a dress and contrasts if i wear a bright dress against the dark tattoo. I love this one, it didn’t hurt too much to be honest, but i do think it is because it was my thigh and so it wasnt that bad.


So my last tattoo (for now that is) is a gothic unicorn piece, it is on the outside of my calf on my right leg and incorporates the skull of the unicorn too, I do love this piece, this is the one that i do love the most and it looks so cute when i wear shorts, dresses or even jeans. It does take up most of the bottom half of my leg but it was so worth it, i got this because i bloody love unicorns so much, but i thought i would go for something that wasnt bright and colour, like unicorns generally are.


So there we go a chat about my tats ♡




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