So Ghost World is, and has been for a long time, one of my favourite films of all time, the attitudes, the sarcasm, the colours, all perfect in my opinion. So I thought i would give the comic a go, just to see if it was as cool and wow.


The comic is quite surreal, in that it is so much like teenage life after high school, that it hurts to read sometimes (as it is quite like my experience, if im honest). It is the life of two teens, Enid and Rebecca and it is about their lives after high school, and how they move onto adult hood.

I loved everything about this comic, i loved that the town they live in is generic but unknown, that it shows the struggle of letting friends go and drifting apart, i also love the fact that it shows how truly hard it is to get into college and the fact Enid does drive a hearse (which i have always wanted as a car, you can see the ghostbuster fan within me).


Out of all the characters in this comic, i do believe i am the most like Enid, as she is sort of stuck in a rut, doesn’t know what she wants to do, so she just does what her dad said she should do. She also changes her look a lot, with short hair, green hair, the original 1977 punk rock look, the works which is what i am like alot, i love to change my look alot, just like Enid. She also tries to hang onto her childhood, by listening to the songs she used to, looking back at pictures etc, which is what i do too, and finally i do relate to Enid the most because she has the stupid last name ‘Coleslaw’, which i relate to so much because my last name is ‘Button’ and it is never taken seriously at all.

There are quite a lot of differences between the comic and the film, Seymour has a far bigger plot in the film, than he does in the comic, which i do find quite strange, it’s almost like they took every plot line in the comic and placed Seymour into it somehow. They also never mention either of them going to college, even though in the comic Enid did indeed try to get into college.But other than that, there are only minor changes between them, like Enid’s ex stepmother is called Maxine in the film and not Carol, the 50’s diner was renamed Wowsville instead of Hubba Hubba and in the film Rebecca nor Enid date but in the comic Rebecca does end up dating Josh, who works in the corner store, he is also mentioned in the film, it is believed that both Rebecca and Enid fancy him but nothing happens between any of them.

So all in all, I love this graphic novel, it is different to the comics i have read before, the film also did the comic justice, although there are differences and if you’re a teen that is in that awkward stage of becoming an adult (like i am) then you will love this, and yes Rebecca really does want to make love to weird Al.


Have you read GHOST WORLD?



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