I have favourites? (lipstick version)

Hello everyone 💕 So today I thought i would do a post about my favourite lipsticks, the ride or die, the ones that don’t make me look dead inside (my true form)

First is SHABBY CHIC by sleek makeup, this is a liquid lipstick that does dry matte, it is one of those lipsticks that don’t actually feel too drying on your lips, i feel no need to add lip balm at all when wearing this beauty. The colour of this lipstick is a lovely dusty rose colour, looks real good with just mascara and a little blush. I adore this lipstick, although i dont wear it much, just because i tend to reach for a different sleek product (mentioned later on).


Next is a liquid lipstick by MUA LUXE and is a velvet lip lacquer in the colour FIRECRACKER. This lipstick from superdrug is hella drying and rubs off so easy, i have one cup of coffee and bam! its gone off my lips for good. However i do still wear this one quite a lot, as it’s a deep dark red colour, that goes so well with eyeliner and dark brows (my everyday look). This lipstick also smells amazing, very sweet which is also a reason i love wearing it.


This one is an actual lipstick, its a coloursensational from the Kate Moss collection in the colour 547 pleasure me red. This lipstick is a brick-red kind of colour, it looks beautiful with the same look as the MUA lipstick, this lipstick smells like vanilla and you can tell I wear it a lot as there is a big ol dent in it. I do think the packaging is also quite cute on this product, the casing matches the lipstick, the rest being a chrome colour and the lid snaps on perfectly, no problems at all.


Now this is the sleek product I was talking about earlier, BIRTHDAY SUIT, this one is more of a coral colour and is almost an everyday look for me, it suits my skin tone so well and goes with my glasses (people with glasses will understand trust me). This lipstick with just brows is also a look i do quite a lot, and it looks good, as my glasses make the look complete.But the thing with sleek lipsticks is that they do smell like chemicals, not a nice smell at all, but for the sake of the colour i pretend the smell   doesn’t exist, as it only lasts until the lipstick dries, which doesnt take very long at all.


The final lipstick for today is a NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in the colour AFTER HOURS (and has been a favourite for like 6 hours? i brought it today shhh) this lipstick is so soft on the lips it is unreal, it is a lovely dark brown tone, that goes so well with eyeliner and brows, this lipstick would also go well with a natural or even dramatic night look. It does rub off quite easily though and does not smell very nice, but the colour is worth it, it is also a lipstick that doesn’t look ugly as heck if you re-apply like most liquid lipsticks do, you also get a hella load of product for the price (£7.00).


So there we go! my favourite lipsticks (for now). Do you have any lipstick favourites? comment down below.




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