A Day In The Life Of WASTEWORLD.

Hello Everyone 💕  So today i thought i would do a ‘day in the life of’ bit lame i know but yanno. My typical day is nothing special, i spend most of my day offs creating or writing on my blog, so let’s get started.

So my day typically starts off at 7:30 am, i get up make myself a big ass coffee, to cope with the day ahead, grab the bread, shove it in the toaster and while that’s toasting i catch up on my you tube subscriptions, these include youtubers like QCKND, pixielocks and Helen Anderson. Next im off to get the dirty washing from around the house, i help my mum with the chores of the day (yes i live at home, im only 18 guys shh). So after that is gone, the day is mine. I normally start off by making myself a coffee and i take a look and check up on my blog, i then tidy my room a wee bit and then start creating. I do create many things during this part of my day, i spend it knitting, painting, making earrings, i also spend this time to take photos for my blog. But anyway, today i spent it redecorating my room, painting picture frames and watching my mad fat diary. By now its lunch time and i had cake (unhealthy i know haha) and did some more painting, then its dinner time, we do normally have quite a big dinner, with cabbage and gravy and today was no exception, we then do watch a film after dinner with some ice cream, todays film was Stargate and the ice cream was choc and nut cornetto. Then i round my night off by listening to music and writing up a  blog post or blog post ideas (so you can tell what time of day it is when im writing this). And then im off to sleep, by listening to some ASMR and drifting off to start the cycle again.


Here is one of the frames i painted today, so now you know my daily routine, is yours as boring as mine?


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