I thrifted a new hobbie?

Hello everyone 💕 long time no post i know, but today i thought i would chat to you about a thrift item passed down to me by the god of thrift items!

I haven’t found anything particularly amazing the past few times i’ve gone thrifting, i partly thought i was going to give up, give the charity shops a month or two to get some cool stuff. I basically thought i was never gonna find anything cool or my style for a long ass time.

However, last friday my mum decided to take a cheeky look around the local charity shops, so me being me i went with her, and as we were entering the local scope charity shop i fell over, just a small stumble but enough to go wtf. So i went to have a look what made me fall arse over tit, and it was a pale blue wheel, i instantly thought skateboard! and got excited, ran straight to it and picked it up, it wasn’t a skateboard though. They managed to be a pair of four-wheeled roller skates, ones i had been searching for, for over four years! i just knew that it was too good to be true, i thought “nah they won’t fit, i’m just fooling myself” but nah lads they fit alright, came with the official bag too and all for £7 A BARGAIN FOR SURE.

So i go home, being extremely chuffed with myself, thinking yes! thrifting isn’t dead to me yet. Then something struck me, what if i don’t wear them? what if the sport i’ve always wanted to learn was shit? or that i was shit at it? So i decided to wait a week before i wrote anything and so far so good. I’ve been practicing sitting down and standing with them, curling and skating with them. I’ve even gone and brought all the proper pads to wear and a helmet!

So in conclusion, i found roller skates at a charity shop and they are rad as hell, and are not just used as decoration in my room, yas.

Do you have a pair of roller skates? if so comment down below, i’d love to know fellow skaters out there.


Screen Shot 07-23-17 at 05.31 PM


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