ART haul

Hello everyone 💕 So the other day i thought to myself, gee my wall is boring AF, let’s jazz this shit up. So this is an art haul for my ugly ass wall.

Most of this art is from the same artist on Etsy, LW. artwork and one by Sarah @sm0lmiscreati0n on instagram (check them out my dudes).

Cat lover forever

I had to grab this one because i am just in love with cats,they are grumpy, sassy and just plain cute. The colours on this is just amazing the pink banner really stands out and match the frame i DIYed for this piece. The cat itself is too damn cute and their little pink cheeks, just like a little china doll, i cant cope this piece just gives me life.


Rocky Horror Heaven

Now i don’t know about you, but i am absolutely in love with rocky horror picture show, i listen to the soundtrack all the time, i watch the film loads and my one wish in life is to watch a midnight showing of the film (which im sure wont happen). So i just had to grab this piece. This piece of artwork has three of my favourite characters, Dr. Frank. N. Furter, Magenta and Columbia, they also all look just the characters, yet still different, which i love, in this drawing they also fade out down the bottom and the title is written in lipstick which is an amazing touch and can defiantly see Frank. N. Furter doing something like that.


David Bowie obsession

I love David Bowie, so any print or art with him on is an instant fave. This beautiful piece is from the Ziggy stardust period of his career, and let me tell you this baby goes so well with all my other David Bowie inspired pieces. I love the red haze around him, goes with the theme of ziggy, goes with his hair…ahhh i just love this so much.


Happy Birthday Morrissey

Now i know this one is a birthday card but i could not pass up Morrissey in a birthday/clown hat, this and his eyebrows give me life, the black outline of him versus the pastel colours of the hat and banner goes so well with the pastel green frame i have him in. He just looks so cute i love him.


I have two other random pieces one is undertale fan art created by my sister, it is a kawaii drawing of the character Papyrus who is a skeleton who tries to capture a human with his amazing spaghetti. The other piece of art is a David Bowie piece from HMV, this is just a photo of him on stage, during the Ziggy stardust era. He is in a shabby chic blue frame i DIYed myself, i do not have photos for these pieces.

That’s it for this art haul, i hope you enjoyed.



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