My Top 5 Favourite Instagrams

Hello everyone 💕 I thought i would spend today yakking to you what i enjoy aesthetically when it comes to instagram

My first favourite when it comes to instagram accounts is @spooky_forrest, she is an amazing, bright pink haired fashion ‘clown’, her photos are just a beaut and i always get a lot of inspiration from her account.

Screen Shot 08-08-17 at 06.13 PM.PNG

My next fave is a lady called @alanarogerrrrs, she is such a confident babe, she gives me the courage to love my chub. I just love her style, edits, makeup looks and her eyebrows (i love them sooooo much). Girl i love you.

Screen Shot 08-08-17 at 06.06 PM.PNG

Next is @pixieelocks, i love this woman, so much. I love her style, her outfits and wow, just everything. I am also really bingeing the YouTube channel Jillian has, such style, such grace, and so much glitter.

Screen Shot 08-08-17 at 06.00 PM.PNG

Next is the instagram account @sweetcartliage, i think this account is very artistic and beautiful, they do put a lot of effort into their artwork and have such effortless style. They also have a YouTube channel which i love to watch now and again.

Screen Shot 08-08-17 at 05.51 PM.PNG

The last account i will be chatting about for today is @fashion.nymphomaniac. I love Amy’s account so much, her fashion sense, her hair, her blog. I love it all and im so glad she is happy with what she is doing now (i also want all of your earrings, so bad ha!).

Screen Shot 08-08-17 at 05.42 PM.PNG

That’s all for today guys, do you have any insta faves?



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